Asset recovery

Banks, corporations and even governments may fall victim to large-scale financial fraud or corruption. The reality is that present-day financial fraudsters are normally well-funded, well-advised and well-assisted. Unlike white collar criminals, fraud victims often lack particular knowledge, funding or the determination to pursue the fraudsters and recover the embezzled assets.

Asset recovery is not limited to litigation and the enforcement of court rulings. Normally, asset recovery is a cross-border, multi-disciplinary operation, involving lawyers, investigators, auditors, forensic accountants, forensic IT experts, PR specialists and other experts.

We manage multi-jurisdictional asset recovery operations. Our specialists are multidisciplinary professionals capable of operating on a cross-border and cross-culture basis.

Our cross-disciplinary and cross-jurisdictional view of asset recovery work, as well as our realistic understanding of asset recovery economics, allows us to render asset recovery efforts particularly efficient both cost-wise and time-wise.